Zypp Investment Plan

Here is a big opportunity for Retail investors, to be part of Startup Zypp. As today’s trend FD rate is falling, hence return on investment is not going to beat inflation and create good wealth for the future.

If you look into financial products for a retail investor there are investment instruments available in the market like Mutual fund, Fixed deposit, Insurance, PPF, Gold, Real state, Stock, Bonds and Post office saving scheme. But they all can provide, average return up to 8 % on investment.

Zypp Startup

Lets looks, understand what Zypp is trying to solve the problem. Zyyp has the mission to provide last-mile connectivity for millions of commuters in India.


Zypp came up with the idea to provide E-Bike and scooter sharing platform. Company offer product and services affordable price, people avoid traffic jams, pollution-free environment and congestion-free places for the citizen. We all aware of the fact that in metro cities congestion and pollution are pain points.

If you have the zeal to take the risk, beat the inflation rate and most important to fight with pollution and a clean environment. So this investment plan can be game-changer and contribute to wealth generation.

Source: Zypp

Zypp Investment plan table

ProductInvestment PaymentTotal no of paymentTotal returnMode of payment

Two investment Plan

(a) Invest 22,000 INR and Earn 30,000 INR

How does investment plan work?

Here the retail investor invests 22k in the company, it will be utilized by the company for the procurement of lithium-ion batteries, which increase the productivity of electric scooters.

All electric scooters are run from 100 -150 km on a single charge, but these scooters are enabled with the advance feature so that batteries are swappable from charge to discharge the battery within 2 minutes. In this way, it increases the productivity of scooters and helps the startup to generate more revenue from an existing product.

How much you get a return on investment?

The company will give you 833 INR per month for 3 years.

Total return = 833 INR * 36 (Months) = 30,000

(b)Invest 60,000 INR and Earn 80,000 INR

How does investment plan work?

Here investor invests 60,000 in company It will be utilized by the company for procurement for E scooter, as of now company stated that they have a tie-up with Zomato, Spencer, Swiggy and other local vendors to deliver their product to the buyer at low cost. Zypp provides them, charged Electric scooters, hence delivery boy needs not to worry to refuel. Neither delivery boy nor vendor needs to have ownership for vehicles.


In the end, its whole business model is profitable for Zypp, vendor and delivery boy. Also, many commuters utilized their product to and fro within city travel, because USP of their product is easy to drive and a smooth ride at affordable price.

Total Return=2222 INR * 36 months= 80000 INR


  • Steady Income for a family.
  • Consider it as another source of income.
  • No need to monitor on a daily basis.
  • Payment will be debit within investor account or on the basis of terms and conditions.
  • Everything about battery or e scooter will be taken care of by the company.


  • Investment is quite a risker, because if anyone expects a high return then risk embedded with investment.
  • The Company has just completed only a few years, although the company has raised money from many Institutional investors on the basis of the performance of the business model and revenue generation.

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Click here to go Zypp investment page and fill-up the form. Once you fill up basic details , the company will provide all terms and conditions.

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