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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station-Sun Mobility, Battery Charging & Swapping Solution

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station is growing rapidly in auto industry..SUN Mobility, is a 50:50 joint venture between Maini brothers’ Virya Mobility 5.0 and Sun group’s investment arm, SUN New Energy systems pioneers in areas of electric mobility and clean energy.

SUN Mobility is developing renewable energy-based battery stations across the country. This is led by Mr. Chetan Maini who is the founder of Reva and Uday Khemka, the vice president of SUN Group, two of India’s are best experts of the renewable energy sector ,It was founded in 2017 and based in Banglore also known as ‘Silicon Valley’ of India.

Four challenge of EV
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Sun mobility established with a mission to solve the problem of one of the biggest problem Pollution and Carbon emission by automobiles. According to reports and studies, if people adopt more electric vehicles and use renewable energy, then it is possible to cut down the pollution levels and carbon-free environment for healthy and long lives.

Source:Sun Mobility

As the prevailing automobiles industry, there are few challenges for mass Ev adoption. So Sunmobility came up with a business model to tackle four challenges in mass Electric Vehicle adoption like high battery costs, long charging time, charging infrastructure and range anxiety. The startup is a team of professional, who has vast experience, designed innovative solution for Ev. The company is revolutionizing the transportation sector by deploying a unique open-architecture ‘Quick Charging Station‘ across multiple vehicle platforms – 2 and 3 wheelers, cars, and buses. These stations are powered by renewable energy and have the capacity to refuel electric vehicles within 2 minutes.

How does Electric Vehicle Charging Station work?

Quick Charging Station Works”

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SUN Mobility, is working within a partnership electric vehicle fleet operator – SmartE and deployed its universal energy infrastructure. The joint venture has been signed to support SmartE’s for expansion EV operations. SmartE’s fleet of electric three-wheelers are using SUN Mobility’s solution and are already deployed at SmartE Park & Charge Hubs located across Delhi-NCR in order to achieve last-mile connectivity for millions of commuters.

Sun Mobility has partnered with Ashok Leyland on bringing in buses that would adopt to battery swap technology.  There are over 10 buses plying 220 km per day in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. These buses consist of batteries, have a capacity of 350 kwh and weigh only 650 kgs. All the process to swap the batteries in the buses and a large freight container automatically without human intervention. All these batteries are thermally managed and are equipped to function in 45 Degree Celsius.

Source: Sun Mobility

Under the Faster Adoption and Manufacture of Electric vehicles scheme, Indian states have set a target to procure 5,500 buses. Currently, Indian states spend Rs 100 per km for running on fossil fuels. According to company commitments, batteries would bring the cost down to one-tenth of the cost.



How to open an electric vehicle (EV ) charging station?

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