Maple 30X cheapest electric SUV car launched in China and copies Tata Nexon Design

We have heard so many instances have come up before when we have seen that Chinese companies are copying the design of vehicles. In the latest instance, a new car Maple 30X (Maple 30X) has been launched in China and its design has been clearly copied from the India’s best affordable electric Tata Nexon SUV.Read More

Strom R3 Electric, Price, Feature & Specification

Strom Motors is a Mumbai-based startup, it was founded by Pratik Gupta and Jean-Luc Abaziou, this globally recognized reverse trike platform offers better mobility solutions for crowded locations across Indian cities. Strom Motors build Strom R3 , has been showcased in April 2018. The company is likely to start booking in mid of 2020 .TheRead More